Amazon-04 White PU Flats Comfortable, Chic Slip On Mesh Flat Sneaker Shoes Black Thigh High vickie hi flat heel boots Nature Breeze Women's Slingback Ankle Buckle Open Toe Strap Amazon-04 Black PU
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Rubber sole
IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASION--- Dressy enough for an evening out but simple enough to wear with your jeans, A LUXURIOUS LOOK THAT LASTS---This vegan crocodile leather Flat Sandals reflect the latest trends in footwear design with their strappy design.
SHIMMERING STYLE vegan crocodile leather textured straps have a noticeable iridescent quality, giving your feet a touch of shine
COMFORTABLE, YET CHIC Flat sandals have supportive soles and feel great on your feet
SANDALS THAT STAY PUT Adjustable heel strap keeps these sandals from slipping off when you walk
COMFORT & SAFETY ASSURED---In This vegan crocodile leather Flat Sandals, your feet will feel great. The soles are supportive to prevent aches and pains, and you can easily adjust the heel strap to keep the shoes from slipping, rubbing or sliding off when you walk. The low heel makes the sandals a great choice for any time when you'll need to do a lot of walking but want to wear something sexier and dressier than ordinary flats.
  • Item #: Amazon-04 White PU
  • Manufacturer: Nature Breeze
  • Condition: New

Slingback Ankle Buckle Double Cross Strap Casual Sandal White

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