Urban-01 White Lace Sandals Evening Ankle Strap Chunky High Heels Beige Shoes Toe Gladiator Sandal Nature Breeze Women's Urban Lace & Sequin Thong Sandals Flat Mesh Rhinestone Sandal Shoes
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  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • GO GLAM IN COMFORT Thong sandals have a dressy look with rhinestones and lace, yet they're a pleasure to wear! Urban Lace & Sequin Thong Sandals are a gorgeous twist on the conventional thong sandal. The shoes features a lacy upper decked out with sparkling rhinestones in square and round shapes. The highly faceted crystals sparkle brightly in the light to add a glamorous look to whatever your wearing. Matching vegan leather trim frames the laces for a stylish, sophisticated finishing touch.
  • SECURE FIT You'll never have to worry about these thong sandals slipping off because they're secured by two heel straps! The shoes feature two buckling heel straps that allow you to still enjoy the comfort of a thong sandal without all of the sliding. The sandals feature white synthetic soles with thick treads that provide plenty of stability and can help you keep from slipping whether you're indoors on a slick floor or outside on the sand or cement!
  • FINELY CRAFTED Durable womens shoes made from the finest vegan leather.
  • VERSATILE STYLE SOLUTION Wear for dressy and casual occasions all summer long!
  • NO SLIP TREADS Slip resistant synthetic soles are perfect for walking on all types of terrains
  • Item #: Urban-01 White Lace
  • Manufacturer: Nature Breeze
  • Condition: New

Women Urban Lace Sequin Thong Sandals Flat Mesh Rhinestone White

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